Monday, June 23, 2014

They say we're "all-over-the-place"!


Understand that I now see myself as the classic Austin small business owner - just disorganized enough, just A.D.D. enough, and not realizing how many hats need to get worn to get the job done. Above all, the social media hat is swallowing me whole - webstore, blog, Instagram, Facebook, all wasting away somewhere in space... and don't forget people need Pinterest, Tumblr, and whatever other viewfinder to the intangible and unattainable lives we think we want. First world problems, ya ya ya.

My point (if one exists) is that I've been told some things by people whom I regard as pros.
#1. I was told I need to continue to maintain a blog for the shop.
#2. I was told the blog needs needs a voice.
#3. I was told the voice of the blog should be mine - initially.

As my friend likes to say, "Sorry fo' ya!" Here's your warning to UNFOLLOW now. The hack-writing has begun. Apologies for being absent (in every sense of the word), and apologies for being present.

All I can do is try - and keep trying, right? Cheers!

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Keith Stephens said...

God bless the internet...

Keep writing, you'll get it!