Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dudes, guys, blokes, handsome lads and ladies, we're here for you!

Don't let them tell you we're a "Chick shop"!
we've got an amazing selection of locally crafted jewelry, and
we carry some seriously adorable baby gifts, as well,
but don't forget
we also have tons of stylin' man-cessories too!

Locally founded, and states-side manufactured socks by Mitscoots, whose mission is to employee those in need and 
give socks to the homeless as well,  
 Ft. Worth based travel bags and accessories makers,
using hand saddle stitch details and military surplus fabrics,
 and locally founded bag designer, Esperos
whose canvas backpack sales contribute enough funds for a year of education to a student in Central America.

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Shannon said...

Check your gender assumptions.