Monday, December 26, 2011


Not even before the snow dust settled from Santa's blazin' trail,
the real Christmas spirit appeared in the faces of dissatisfied customers...

Exclamations like,"No returns?!...Exchanges only?!..."

Defense arguments, "You never told me."
and "People don't read signs." 
(This one was awesome-)"Most stores allow refunds, like, Forever 21."
And retorts like, "I'll never shop here again!" and "That's cool, I'll just get on 'Yelp!' and write a bad review." 
[You don't say.]
And the least logical, "But I've been shopping here for years."

The testimonials read like literary gold!

Understand we're merely a vessel through which local people can sell their crafts and such. Be nice to us and we'll be nice back. No promises beyond that.

Love us. Hate us. I'll make it easy for you:

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