Tuesday, February 2, 2010

valentine's day gift guide!

----------$14 & UNDER!----------

cupcake soaps from sparkle: a soap confectionary, $10 each

candle tins from lights out, $7; felt soap from rest in peace, $14

cards from glademade, $5 each

-----------20 BUCKS OR LESS!----------

panda tote from bearded lady, $20

screenprinted poster from rory skagen (printed by bearded lady), $20

-----------$32 AND UNDER----------

handpainted birdhouses by the hams, $26

seagull bracelet and rose studs by maneki, $32 and $22

-----------UNDER 40----------

14tk gold-filled earrings by msquared, $38

sterling silver and citrine earrings by msquared, $39

-----------MONEY IS NO OBJECT----------

hat by chia, $50

large hoop earrings by lisa crowder, $140

crystal drop necklace by carolina blue, $52

heart necklace by i-rok gems, $45

moonlight bird earrings by ornamental things, $48

pillow by bolsa bonita, $58

cufflinks by jef leon, $74

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