Monday, August 17, 2009

Will Heron

Will Heron
Crab/Weener puppie
Baby Onesie on heathered grey
3-6/6-12/12-18/18-25 months

Assorted pattern choices

Que Chula
Plaid Burp Rag
Avaiable in many other patterns comes in sets of two

Baby Bolt
Crayon Set Roll
Assorted Patterns

Hank & Paullee
Baby Booties
One size fits up to 12 months


k said...
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k said...

love this little wee onesie. need to get this for russell and julia. do you think instead of shipping, i could just get it dropped off down the street at the salon??

Lizelle said...

HAhaha. Im sure we can get that worked out. call us.