Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Chia Hats

Wide Brim Sun Hats
Sunhat has wide coverage to block face, neck and shoulders from the sun fold up flap adjusts with a shell button for a different look. Fits heads measuring up to 23 inches round. washable.
custom larger sizes available

Chia Cap
newest design Chia Hat*
This cap is reversible & can be worn many ways; brim is reinforced so that it can be folded up or worn to the side.
Size medium-large (approx. 23") with plenty of room for hair.

*Hats are handmade from vintage fabrics, so each piece is one of a kind. Click picture for a larger image.

1 comment:

Anne Marie Beard said...

Chia's Sun Hats are the best! The wide brim style is so chic and wearable :)