selling FAQ


•Can just ANYONE sell their stuff at Parts & Labour?
No. Designers at Parts & Labour MUST live in Texas. Sorry, but you students who are away at college ten months out of the year don’t count either. Nothing personal, concentrate on getting smarter, then come back.

• Why Texas designers only?
We’re trying to keep the money in the community and support the local economy.

• How do you decide what to take?
There are a few criteria one must meet:
Quality of workmanship – you don’t want to put your name on something that has loose threads, or a stain, or mismatched seams, gobs of glue showing, or snaps that are too tight – or too loose etc. all over it, do you? You know you have good ideas, now you have to figure out how to execute them well, too. There’s lots of competition so show us your best.
Originality – there is a ton of great work coming from Texas designers, and Parts & Labour is only so big, so whoever gets here first wins. No, that’s not entirely it, but if your work looks like something we already have, there won’t be much reason for us to accept it.
Functionality – the item must be wearable, or usable in some form or fashion. No sculptures or wall art, please. Be creative, incorporate your talent into a piece that can be used in the home or incorporated into a clothing design.
Lastly, space in the store. What?! This has nothing to do with you, but if you show up with the world’s coolest, perfectly crafted handbags, but we’re up to our eyeballs in handbags, then we simply have no room at that time – but don’t be afraid to come back in a few weeks and try again.

• How can I show samples of what I make?
Email us with samples or a link to your website:
Call to make an appointment. 326-1648 Ask for Lizelle.

Once we see what you make and love it….

You will need “hang tags” to attach to each item. This tag should tell the customer anything you would want to tell them about your product from care of goods, to materials used, website, to your contact info for custom ordering.

You will also need a SALES AND USE TAX PERMIT. Don’t be scared. Its FREE from the Texas State Comptroller on 17th St. and San Jacinto. This number will allow you to set up wholesale accounts and purchase your supplies tax exempt thus keeping your retail prices reasonable.

Finally, we take your work under CONSIGNMENT for a 8 week trial period. The split is based on a sliding scale.
The details are outlined in the consignment contract that is read and signed by the designer.

Good luck and we hope to continue to see great things come into Parts & Labour.